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The Interaction between the Biological Clock and Physiological Processes
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Cérebro, Cognição, Comportamento, Evolução: De Poliglota a Monoglota?
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UBIAS chooses 'Fear' as the common theme for the member institutes in 2017
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The time of consciousness and nonconsciousness
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Menninghaus analyzes the mechanisms involved in the appreciation of works of art
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VideoIEA What does it mean to be moved by an artwork?
At the event, Menninghaus presented the results of a research project that is being developed with the goal of establishing "being moved" and "being touched" as concepts of genuine emotion and revealing their role in aesthetic appreciation. According to the researcher, “this includes a novel perspective on the time-honored issue of aesthetic pleasure associated with negative emotions."
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VideoIEA Borders and Convergences between Neuroscience and Behavior: Methodological and Theoretical Challenges in Knowledge Generation
This event was an initiative of presenting a discussion between common aspects and differences of the so-called hard neuroscience, based on molecular and laboratorial studies, and a more behavioral perspective based on studies of ethological fields.
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VideoIEA Mathematical Intuitions and their Cerebral Bases
Stanislas Dehaene, from the Collège de France, demonstrated that the ability to estimate quantities forms the basis of the human being's mathematical (abstract reasoning) and arithmetic (calculation) skills. Part of his research has been reported in this exhibition. The arithmetic case requires a developed symbolic system, such as a system of language.
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McTaggart metaphysics to theorize cell time
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