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VideoIEA Advanced Research at Nagoya University
Economist Dapeng Cai and chemist Susumu Saito, researchers from the Institute of Advanced Research of the Nagoya University (Japan), present the paths chosen by the Institute to contribute to the university's excellence in research production and worldwide recognition, and also the project to be developed in partnership with the IEA.
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VideoIEA Sesame - A Visit to a Parallel Reality
Sesame is a center for research and advanced technology around a third-generation synchrotron light source under construction in Allan, Jordan, supported by a partnership between UNESCO and the Palestinian Authority, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel , Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey, which have full control over their development, use and funding.
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VideoIEA Prosperity without Growth - A Good Life on a Finite Planet
The way natural resources are being used by modern society due to the consumerism and the imperative of economic growth has been the theme of the conference held by economist Tim Jackson. The event also served to launch the Portuguese version of the book 'Prosperity without Growth - A Good Life on a Finite Planet', written by the economist.
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VideoIEA European Union-Brazil Relations
The strategic partnership between the EU and Brazil, and the role of Poland in this context were the subject of the conference given by Radoslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland. He said that Brazil is a natural ally of the EU in the construction of the new reality based on the trends prevailing in the last decade.
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VideoIEA Recent Trends in American Policy: Democracy Abroad but Not at Home?
Essa conferência analisou a contradição entre os esforços norte-americanos (considerando-se até que ponto eles sejam reais) para a construção da democracia no exterior e o empenho simultâneo em restringir a participação popular e as instituições eleitorais nos EUA.
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VideoIEA Global Changes and their Impacts on the Expansion of World Democracy
A temática desse encontro analisou de que maneira as mudanças globais impactam sobre o desenvolvimento da democracia no mundo.
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VideoIEA The University of Birmingham's Institute of Advanced Studies: The Year of Development and Plans for the Future
The Director of the University of Birmingham's Institute of Advanced Studies, Malcolm Press, presents the development of the institute in its first year of existence and plans for the future. Martin Grossmann, Director of the IEA, presents the new website of the institute.
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VideoIEA Nuclear Astrophysics: from Stars to Nuclei
The talk is focused on the interplay between astrophysics and nuclear physics, which is called 'nuclear astrophysics'. Professor Descouvemont gives an introduction about the way stars are born and how different they evolve. It is shown that nuclear reactions play a central role in the star evolution: they produce the energy released by the stars, and determine the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements.
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VideoIEA Conference on the Rainforest Continent Business School at the Brazil Institute
Maritta Koch-Weser (Coordinator of IEA's 'Amazon Transformation: History and Perspectives' Research Group), Camilo Capiberibe (Governor of the State of Amapá), and André Guimarães (CI Brasil) gave presentations after a meeting that brought together representatives of government agencies, NGOs, universities, private companies and international organizations, aiming to discuss the pioneering initiative of creating the first business school dedicated to make the preservation of tropical forests not only an environmental priority but also a business proposal.
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VideoIEA The Place of Race: Contemporary Caribbean Debates
This event has discussed racism in Cuba and Haiti in order to present the two cases in comparison. Professors Rachel Price and Nick Nesbitt, both from Princeton University, presented the theme focusing on cultural, historical and political issues.
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