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Sabbatical Year Program chooses seven researchers for 2019
por Richard Meckien publicado 09/10/2018 última modificação 25/03/2020 08:37 — registrado em: ,
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VideoIEA 2018 UBIAS Directors' Conference - Around the world: regional presentations
por Richard Meckien publicado 06/04/2018 última modificação 19/09/2019 10:21 — registrado em: , ,
In this session, participants from different regions of the world showed the realities and experiences of their institutes for advanced studies. UBIAS-network members have been presented in regional groups: Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia. There have also been short presentations from institutes at Lincoln, Turku and Campinas universities.
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Directors of institutes for advanced study define international network guidelines for the next two years
por Richard Meckien publicado 02/04/2018 última modificação 31/07/2018 10:52 — registrado em: , , , ,
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German political scientist discusses the various forms of democracy
por Richard Meckien publicado 16/03/2018 última modificação 26/03/2018 16:37 — registrado em: , ,
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Intercontinental Academia launches a documentary on the Nagoya phase of the program's first edition
por Richard Meckien publicado 01/02/2018 última modificação 16/06/2020 14:44 — registrado em: , , ,
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New headquarters of the IEA inaugurated
por Richard Meckien publicado 19/01/2018 última modificação 31/01/2018 10:55 — registrado em: , , , , ,
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Jerry Hogan launches a book on behavioral study he has written as IEA's visiting professor
por Richard Meckien publicado 08/01/2018 última modificação 19/01/2018 10:25 — registrado em: , , , , , ,
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VideoIEA Jerry Hogan - Study of Behavior - Organization, Methods and Principles
por Aziz Salem publicado 04/01/2018 última modificação 18/09/2019 12:27 — registrado em: , , , ,
Writing a book "Study of Behavior - Organization, Methods and Principles" that integrated the various fields of behavioral study, especially ethology and experimental psychology, into common basic language was a dream cherished for over 50 years by American ethologist Jerry Hogan, Professor Emeritus from the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. During a visit to São Paulo in the first week of 2018, Hogan gave an interview about the book and the various changes in the study of behavior in the last decades.
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IEA Sabbatical Year Program has defined researchers for 2018
por Richard Meckien publicado 03/10/2017 última modificação 04/06/2019 10:55 — registrado em: , , ,
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Catalan artist reflects on the relations of academia with higher education
por Richard Meckien publicado 03/08/2017 última modificação 04/06/2019 10:56 — registrado em: , , , ,
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