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"Life in the Cognitive Era" will be addressed by Donald Peterson, a visiting professor at the IEA
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Appreciation of historical, cultural and scientific heritage is one of the objectives of a new research group
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Conference of the Intercontinental Academia discusses the social jet lag syndrome
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VideoIEA Development of Circadian Control of Behavior
Ethologist Jerry Hogan gave this conference searching for the discussion of circadian processes that affect the behavior of the majority of animal species, clarifying that it will still take a lot to better comprehend the development of such control. Hogan's interests include the development of communication, of nourishment and of cleansing in fowls, approaching aspects of biological rhythm.
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VideoIEA Jerry Hogan - Study of Behavior - Organization, Methods and Principles
Writing a book "Study of Behavior - Organization, Methods and Principles" that integrated the various fields of behavioral study, especially ethology and experimental psychology, into common basic language was a dream cherished for over 50 years by American ethologist Jerry Hogan, Professor Emeritus from the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. During a visit to São Paulo in the first week of 2018, Hogan gave an interview about the book and the various changes in the study of behavior in the last decades.
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Jerry Hogan launches a book on behavioral study he has written as IEA's visiting professor
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Jerry Hogan’s effort to bring structure to the fragmentation of ethology
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Menninghaus analyzes the mechanisms involved in the appreciation of works of art
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The connections between the work of art, aesthetic appreciation and “to be moved”
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The impacts of psychoanalysis on contemporary political theory
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