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'Estudos Avançados' Journal Discusses the Identity of Brazilian Archeology
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“Estudos Avançados” and “Scientiae Studia” journals will be at USP's 16th Book Festival
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2019 Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Probability Theory: Philosophy, Physics, and Mathematics at Crossroads
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An interdisciplinary look at the drought in São Paulo
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VideoIEA Can we Achieve Sustainable Agriculture?
In this presentation, Leslie Firbank evaluated whether agriculture has been adopting techniques that prioritize the quality of the land by maintaining the natural capital required for its use in the future. He argued that there is a "safe and just operating space" for agriculture, where food can be produced in sufficient quantity without harming the environment.
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Can we Achieve Sustainable Agriculture? - September 5, 2016
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Conference compares scientific and mathematical practices
Professor of philosophy at the University of Miami, Otávio Bueno will give a conference on May 26, at 2 pm, in IEA-USP's Event Room.
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Conversation with Alison Wylie - October 15 2013
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Diagnosis of the sustainability of agro-ecosystems
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VideoIEA Dis-Enchantment and Interpenetration: Modernity, Postmodernity and Forms of Reflexivity
From the interpretation of postmodernity as a second episode of "disenchantment" (the first being the collapse of religious faith and traditional community, according to the analysis of Max Weber on modernity), Shinn has analyzed the way to an alternative post-post-modern perspective to the concept of interpenetrating referents.
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