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2014 agenda foresees discussion of historical, institutional and strategic issues
por Richard Meckien publicado 19/12/2013 última modificação 23/04/2020 09:26 — registrado em: , , , , , ,
The preliminary schedule for 2014 has already been set. Highlights include analyzes of historical events that marked Brazil and the world in the 20th century, the debate on strategic issues for the country and reflection on institutional issues linked to the IEA-USP and USP, and the development of scientific cooperation projects with international institutions.
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Law, Society and History: Rereading Brazil From Criminal Law and Civil Law - October 23 2013
por Richard Meckien publicado 23/10/2013 última modificação 07/11/2013 10:50 — registrado em: , ,
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The history of Brazil from the perspective of criminal and civil law
por Richard Meckien publicado 22/10/2013 última modificação 07/11/2013 10:56 — registrado em: , , ,
The IEA will hold a debate on October 23 in which the relationship between the Brazilian legal codes and the socio-economic trajectory of the country will be explored.
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Princeton researchers present panel on racism in the Caribbean
por Richard Meckien publicado 16/06/2013 última modificação 19/06/2013 15:47 — registrado em: , , , ,
To present an overview of racism in Cuba and Haiti through a comparative approach is the goal of the panel ‘The Place of Race: Contemporary Caribbean Debates’, to be held on June 27 at the IEA with exhibitions by Rachel Price and Nick Nesbitt, both professors at Princeton University.
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Cultural memory: the link between past, present, and future
por Richard Meckien publicado 03/06/2013 última modificação 07/06/2013 15:08 — registrado em: , , , ,
The event, held on May 15 at IEA, opened the conference cycle ‘Spaces of Remembrance’, which the researchers uttered in the country from May 15 to 21 as part of the Year of Germany in Brazil. The cycle has been a realization of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and the Institute for Advanced Studies on Social and Cultural Mobility, with the support of IEA and other institutions.
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