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Ribeirão Preto

by Richard Meckien - published Sep 24, 2013 02:10 PM - - last modified Sep 24, 2013 02:07 PM
Rights: Carlos Malferrari

The most recent IEA hub is located in Ribeirão Preto, a city in the northwest of the state of São Paulo, 319 km from the capital, a junction point that allows easy access to various Brazilian states. With a population of about 615 thousand, it's the main city of a region deemed the world's major producer of sugar and alcohol. Agribusinesses have boosted the city's economic development, with large-scale production of oranges, soybeans, peanuts, fertilizer and animal feed.

The city stands out for the number of hospitals, research institutions and universities, including a USP campus, being an important academic and research center focused on medical science. Thus, in addition to the agribusinesses, its economy is also based on the pharmaceutical industry and on the production of medical and dental equipment.

Ribeirão Preto is the state's fifth most important high-tech hub. In partnership with USP, the city is establishing a technology park centered on biotechnology and medical science that will enhance the region's scientific and technological development. The park will attract companies eager to invest in the research and development of innovative products and processes.