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by Richard Meckien - published Oct 18, 2013 02:35 PM - - last modified Apr 15, 2020 02:45 PM

To meet its goals, the IEA has an academic structure that differs from other units and institutes at USP. The IEA does not teach to undergraduates or graduates and has no stable framework of researchers. It also lacks laboratories, since the scope of its interdisciplinary debates enables it to the prospective and theoretical debate of scientific issues instead of the performance of experimental work.

IEA's academic structure is composed of research groups and other forms of organization between researchers. Participation in activities is open to researchers and professionals with projects related to the research topics of the IEA The analysis of this thematic confluence is made by the coordinators of the research teams. Brazilians and foreigners can participate, being or not linked to USP, with or without a university degree. There are four places for visiting professors (who develop their research for one or two years). Other researchers are temporarily integrated depending on the specific project activities and chairs of the institute.

The IEA has 31 employees: 26 in São Paulo, 3 in São Carlos, and 2 in Ribeirão Preto).