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The result of 42 days of occupation

by Richard Meckien - published Nov 13, 2013 06:10 PM - - last modified Mar 07, 2017 11:05 AM

The scenario found after the reinstatement of the set of buildings that house IEA's dependencies includes vandalism, theft and violations.

Depredação na Reitoria e no IEA - 1The feeling of all who entered the ensemble of buildings of USP’s central administration yesterday morning was of dismay and indignation. The IEA shares the place provisionally, since February 2011, with several sectors linked to the President, the provosts and other universitary units.

The invasion and occupation of the buildings by the students ended after 42 days when the courts determined repossession. It all began on October 1, after an unsuccessful attempt by students to invade the meeting of the University Council (Co), which approved the new rules for the electoral process for President and Deputy President of USP.

Shortly after entering the lobby of the hall in which the Co holds its meetings, the scene was of utter devastation, including broken and piled furniture, walls and floors filled with “pichação” (a sort of graffiti), broken glass, used fire extinguishers, destroyed models of USP’s future buildings – such as the one where IEA’s headquarters will be located - mattresses, clothes and shoes, plus lots of garbage. The situation was the same all over the ground level. Other spaces showed the violation of doors, cupboards and drawers, not to mention all the scattered official documents on the floor, most of which crushed and trampled.

When climbing the stairs to the 5th floor of buiding K, place of IEA’s headquarters, signs of further devastation were everywhere: more “pichação” in the lobbies of each floor, destroyed electronic devices and surveillance cameras, dirt and more scattered documents.

Upon arriving at the IEA, the worst expectations were confirmed. In a vase at the beginning of the floor, three modern keyboards were stacked among scattered computer memories. What was seen next was the result of the action of a band of criminals: doors broken into, equipment stolen, all cabinets and drawers open, papers on tables and the floor.

It is important to point out that not only material damage has happened. Leaders, researchers and the institute’s staff suffered moral damages by the degradation of their working environment and the violation of their private properties and computer content.

Depredação na Reitoria e no IEA - 2On this day after, the IEA is trying to return to normalcy, which will not happen anytime soon. It is time to organize whatever is possible and count for losses, including broken and stolen equipment, in order to make a police report and also to, once again, prepare an acquisition list to replace what has been destroyed and taken away. In the last 42 days we had to conduct our activities in disrepair and this way we will go on until we equip ourselves again and are able to use our main event room, the most affected by theft and vandalism.

There is something very wrong, absurd and unacceptable when a university has to deal with losses such as stolen equipment and damaged assets due to events led by students.

The IEA vehemently repudiates everything that has happened and asks: how was this possible? Why? Until when will we be subject to facts like these?


The IEA, as USP's platform for interdisciplinary scientific, institutional and socio-cultural criticism, is at the disposal of the community and society at large to reflect, analyze and discuss the situation, wishing for dialogue, understanding and the stability of this university.


USP, November 13, 2013

Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo

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