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Changes in the electoral process for President and Deputy President of USP

by Richard Meckien - published Oct 09, 2013 01:30 PM - - last modified Apr 15, 2014 05:07 PM

The choice of the list of three will now be made in a single round and from slates that should inscribe candidates for President and Deputy President.

At a meeting on October 1, the University Council approved several changes in the electoral process for President and Deputy President of USP. The choice of a triple list of candidates will be made in a single round by the University Assembly, from slates consisting of the names of the candidates for both positions. The choice will be preceded by an informative consultation on the preference of the whole community (faculty, staff and students) between the inscribed slates.

The University Assembly, composed of the University Council, central councils, congregations of the units, and the deliberative councils of museums and specialized institutes (about two thousand representatives of the universitary community), will choose the slates that will constitute the triple list to be forwarded to the choice of the São Paulo state governor. The new President and his deputy will take office on January 25, 2014.

Previously, all professors were entitled to be voted without the need of inscribing. Now, candidates must be organized in slates, which should be inscribed with the names for President and Deputy President as wel as the presentation of their proposals for management programs. Moreover, once they inscribe, members of the slates should get off functions of leadership or direction they may carry.

For this year's elections, the slates must register from October 7 to 14. The Electoral Commission will disclose the list of enabled slates on October 15, at 2 pm, on the General Secretariat’s website.

The informative consultation with the universitary community will take place on December 10, the last day of the semester. The outcome of this consultation will be announced on December 12.

The election of the list of three slates by the University Assembly will be held on December 19.

The process of choosing of the triple-slate list will be coordinated by the Electoral Commission, composed of professors Wanderley Messias da Costa (Chairman), Francisco de Assis Leone (vice president), Carlos Eduardo Falavigna da Rocha, José Rogério Cruz e Tucci, Marisa Aparecida Bismara Regitano D'Arce and Waldyr Antonio Jorge.


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