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Curatorship and collecting of the contemporary Latin American art

by admin - published Apr 10, 2013 03:45 PM - - last modified Jun 12, 2015 08:34 AM

Video of the event | Photos of the event


Detail of "To be Continued... (Latin American Puzzle)",
1998, by Regina Silveira (picture by Carlos Kipnis)

Latin American and Contemporary Art: Curatorship and Collecting is he theme of the debate that will take place at IEA, on Wednesday September 5th, at 5 pm (GMT-3), in parallel to the .

In the event, Brazilian and foreign experts will discuss a range of issues related to contemporary Latin American art, such as geopolitics, curatorship, art market, institutionality, circulations and displacement, contexts and actions. The coordinator will be Martin Grossman, director of IEA and curator-coordinator of the .

The debate is promoted by IEA, the Centro Cultural de España in São Paulo (CCE-SP) and the Fórum Permanente. Opened just for guests, it can be watched live over web broadcast in Portuguese and English.

Some of the foreign experts that will be attending are Gabiel Perez-Barreiro (Fundación Cisneros), José Roca (Tate Gallery), Rafael Pereira (Colección C&FE), Hans Michael Herzon e Eugênio Valdez (both of the Daros-Latinamerica).