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IEA celebrates their honorary professors

by Richard Meckien - published Dec 02, 2014 05:25 PM - - last modified Dec 05, 2014 10:51 AM

Gerhard MalnicAlberto Luiz da Rocha Barros
Gerhard Malnic (on the left) and Alberto Luiz da Rocha Barros (1930-1999), nominated honorary professors by the Board in 2013

A celebration of the IEA-USP's honorary professors will take place on December 15, from 5 pm, in the University Council room. The event is restricted to guests, but can be watched live on the web.

After the opening of the event, to be made by Alfredo Bosi, former director of the IEA and editor of the "Estudos Avançados" journal, there will be a special honor of two professors that have recently been chosen by the Institute's Board to integrate the list of honorary professors: biophysicist Gerhard Malnic, from USP's Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB), and physicist Alberto Luiz da Rocha Barros, from USP's Institute of Physics, who died in 1999.

The title of honorary professor is granted by the Board to retired professors of USP with a significant contribution to the Institute, to the University and to Brazilian science. Rocha Barros and Malnic had a decisive role in efforts to establish the Institute in the 80s and have participated in numerous activities at it. Malnic has also been director and deputy director.

Physiologist Rui Curi, a professor of the ICB, will speak about the contributions of Malnic for Brazilian science, and teaching and research at USP. Rocha Barros will have his career in research, teaching, and policy and academic activism presented by historian Carlos Guilherme Mota, first director of the IEA and a friend of the physician for decades.

Among those invited to attend the tribute the will be honorary professors, family members of those already dead and professors currently linked to the Institute, whether researchers or members of the Board, as well as professors who at some point developed research or have been directors or officers of the IEA.

Following the tribute to Rocha Barros and Malnic, there will be a gathering in honor of all honorary professors of the Institute:

  • Alberto Carvalho da Silva (1916-2002) - since 6/21/1994
  • Alberto Luiz da Rocha Barros (1930-1999) - since 9/30/2013
  • Alfredo Bosi - since 11/22/2006
  • Antonio Candido - since 8/13/1997
  • Aziz Ab'Sáber (1924-2012) - since 6/21/1994
  • Carlos Guilherme Mota - since 6/21/1994
  • Crodowaldo Pavan (1919-2009) - since 8/13/1997
  • Eduardo Moacyr Krieger - since 10/30/2007
  • Gerhard Malnic - since 9/30/2013
  • José Goldemberg - since 6/21/1994
  • Paschoal Senise (1917-2011) - since 8/13/1997
  • Paulo Nogueira-Neto - since 6/21/1994
  • Sérgio Mascarenhas - since 2/30/2002
  • Yvonne Mascarenhas - since 10/30/2007
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