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Open call for candidates to apply for the positions of Director and Deputy Director at the IEA

by Richard Meckien - published Jan 19, 2016 10:15 AM - - last modified Jan 19, 2016 03:55 PM
Contributors: Original version in Portuguese by Mauro Bellesa

The registration of slates for the election of the new Director and Deputy Director of the IEA starts today, January 19. The deadline is January 29 and the election will take place on February 18. To be able to apply, candidates should be organized in slates and be full professors or associate professors at the University of São Paulo.

The regulation of the electoral process, signed by the Director of the IEA, Martin Grossmann, has been published in the "Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo".


This election is a milestone in the history of the Institute, since it will be the first one under the new criteria approved by the University Council. The new rules have introduced profound changes in the electoral process (read more about it), valuing the development of management programmes, the harmony between the Director and the Deputy Director in their execution, and making the process of choosing the IEA leaders more democratic by creating a broad electoral college which will decide who will be elected directly.

The electoral college is made up of the following categories:

  • current and former members of the IEA's Board;
  • the president of the Institute's Research Committee;
  • former directors and deputy directors of the IEA;
  • directors of faculties and research units at USP, and representatives of their congregations in the University Council.


Before, the Director and Deputy Director were chosen at different times by the University's President from a triple list voted by the Institute's Board.

An electoral commission has been established to coordinate the entire process, not only taking care of the administrative aspects of the election (registration, election and counting), but also acting in its disclosure, in identifying potential candidates and encouraging them to apply.

The five members of the commission are:

  • João Steiner, astrophysicist, professor at the USP's Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences (IAG) and former director of the IEA;
  • Luiz Bevilacqua, engineer, emeritus professor from the COPPE-UFRJ, former president of the UFABC and former president of the Brazilian Space Agency;
  • Mayana Zatz, geneticist and professor at the USP's Institute of Biosciences (IB), where she coordinates the Centre for Research on the Human Genome and Stem Cells (CEGH-CEL);
  • Regina P. Markus, pharmacologist, professor at the USP's Institute of Biosciences (IB) and member of the IEA's Board;
  • Sérgio Adorno, sociologist, director of the USP's Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences (FFLCH), and coordinator of the Center for the Study on Violence (NEV).