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Registration for Amazonia Debate Cycle Ends August 16

by Flávia Dourado - published Aug 07, 2015 02:15 PM - - last modified Aug 07, 2015 04:44 PM
Contributors: Translation by Carlos Malferrari

Rio AmazonasAugust 16 is the final date for registration for the second edition of the debate cycle Dialogues about Amazonia Today: Workshop of Ideas and Proposals. The inaugural roundtable will take place on August 19, at 2:30 pm, in the IEA Events Room.

This cycle aims to expand multidisciplinary discussion of the current context of the Brazilian and South American Amazonia, and to deepen and disseminate awareness of some of the topics covered in the first edition of the event, held from April to June.

There will be eight meetings overall, held on August 19 and 26, September 23 and 30, October 21,  November 18 and 25, and December 1, always from 2:30 to 5:00 pm, in the IEA Events Room.

Each debate will focus on a specific theme and will bring an expert to discuss the current problems of the Amazon region, propose solutions and guide the participants in the production of scientific papers. In the first edition, the inaugural lecture included former minister Marina Silva as one of the speakers.

Topics that will be discussed during the debates include the Brazilian Amazonias, biodiversity, forest & water, culture, regulation of agricultural and indigenous lands, and infrastructure.

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Opening class of the first edition with Marina Silva

Candidates interested in one of the 40 places available must be graduate students or have a postgraduate degree (stricto or lato sensu) and fill out the online registration form. The result of the selection, based on analysis of the candidates’ profile, will be communicated by e-mail.

The cycle is the result of a technical and academic cooperation partnership between universities and civil comprising the IEA’s Public Policies, Territoriality and Society Research Group, USP’s Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEE), and the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS).

The initiative was conceived by Neli Aparecida de Mello-Théry, coordinator of the Research Group and deputy director of USP’s School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH), Luiz Carlos Beduschi Filho, professor at EACH, and João Paulo Capobianco and Juliana Cassano Cibim, both from the IDS.

Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT-Wikipedia