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Researcher shows the power of games and virtuality in science and museums

by Richard Meckien - published Jan 30, 2017 02:20 PM - - last modified Jun 04, 2019 11:27 AM
Rights: Original version in Portuguese by Fernanda Rezende.

Christian Stein - PerfilChristian Stein, founder of, will be at the IEA on February 2, at 2.30 pm, to show projects that use virtuality, virtual reality and games as a cultural technique. He will present current research on "Knowledge Architectures," the core area of the Excellence Cluster Image Knowledge Gestaltung. The conference Architectures of Knowledge: About Interdisciplinary Research on Games, Virtuality and the Global Museum will be broadcast live in the IEA website.

According to the conferencist, science and research need to communicate with a new audience, so museums, exhibitions and open science labs are proving to be promising playgrounds to try new ways of communicating and translating into new media. By addressing these themes, Stein will also cite research in highly interdisciplinary teams and interdisciplinarity itself.

Moderation will be in charge of Martin Grossmann, coordinator of the Research Group Fórum Permanente: Cultural System Between Public and Private, which organizes the meeting. The comments will be made by Gilson Schwartz, from USP's School of Communications and Arts (ECA), Giselle Beiguelman, from USP's Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU), Davi Nakano, from USP's Polytechnic School (EP), Wilson Mizutani, from USP's Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME), and Ricardo Karman, from Kompanhia of Centro de Terra.