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The ways to access justice in Brazil

by Richard Meckien - published Sep 27, 2013 03:15 PM - - last modified Oct 22, 2013 10:11 AM

The topic will be discussed at the seminar conducted by the IEA with the support of the School of Public Defender of the State of São Paulo on October 3 at USP's Maria Antônia Academic Center.

Labirinto de escadasThe various facets of access to justice in Brazil will be discussed at the seminar ‘Acesso à Justiça: Reflexões sobre as Instituições do Sistema de Justiça‘ (‘Access to Justice: Reflections on the Institutions of the Justice System’) on October 3 at the Great Hall of USP’s Maria Antônia Academic Center.

Organized by the UNESCO Chair in Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy and Tolerance, headquartered at the IEA, the event will be divided into two periods. The first one, beginning at 9.30 am, will have two tables and will address the changes in access to justice since the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 and the roles of the Public Defender Office and the Public Ministry. The second one, also with two tables, will begin at 7 pm and will address the culture of punishment and the judicialization of public policies.

The panelists of the morning period will be Antônio José Maffezoli Leite, from the Public Defender Office of the State of São Paulo (DPESP), Marcelo Goulart, from the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MPSP), Guilherme de Almeida, from USP’s Faculty of Law (FD), and José Renato Nalini, from the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJSP).

In the evening, the participants will be Maria Cecília Asperti, masters student at the FD, Roger Stiefelmann Leal, from the National Treasury Attorney's Office (PGFN) and professor at the FD, Gustavo Octaviano Junqueira, from the DPESP and professor at PUC-SP, and Sergio Adorno, director of USP’s Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) and coordinator of the UNESCO Chair and of USP’S Center for the Study of Violence (NEV).

The coordination of the seminar and the mediation of discussions will be in charge of Gustavo Augusto dos Reis, public defender at DPESP and co-organizer of the ‘Defensores  Popular’ (‘Public Defenders’) project.

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