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Fórum Permanente: Cultural System Between Public and Private

by Richard Meckien - published Sep 20, 2013 09:20 AM - - last modified Jan 14, 2022 11:56 AM

Coordinated by Martin Grossmann, Director of the IEA, the 'Fórum Permanente: Cultural System Between Public and Private Research Group' will continue the work that has been developed by Fórum Permanente in organizing events, critical texts, publications and other forms of production and circulation of knowledge related to the world of contemporary art.

Since it was launched in 2003, Fórum Permanente serves as a platform for exchange of knowledge and discussion of issues related to artistic and cultural system. In its ten years of existence, it has promoted over 150 live events involving national and international organizers of the shaft of art and culture.

The idea is that when inserted in the academic environment of the IEA, the Fórum Permanente will expand its mediator and interdisciplinary potential, allowing the ‘creation and consolidation of a critical observatory of creative and artistic productions in culture as well as of the public policies in this area’, thus contributing to the ‘maturing of the political-cultural context of visual arts in our country’, as highlighted by the Board in its proposal.

By being characterized as a research group at IEA, Fórum Permanente also intends to expand its field of investigation - so far mainly focused on the crisis of Brazilian art institutions - to cover, in-depth, transdisciplinary reflections on artistic production, curation, and market circuits of cultural production.

Among the activities planned for the group there are seminars, workshops and debates about curating and other forms of mediation, museums and art system, as well as events related to the quarterly releases of the Periódico Permanente digital magazine.

The members of the group are Ricardo Roclaw Basbaum, María Inigo Clavo, Isis Baldini Elias, Marcia de Noronha Santos Ferran, Raquel de Oliveira Pedro Garbelotti, Martin Grossmann, Graziela Kunsch, Afonso Luz, Gilberto Mariotti, Lúcia Maciel Barbosa de Oliveira, Teresa Cristina Toledo de Paula, Felipe Cardoso de Mello Prando, Liliana Sousa e Silva, David Moreno Sperling, Ana Maria da Silva Araújo Tavares, Cayo Honorato, Durval Lara, Gilberto Ronaldo Mariotti Filho, Irene Small, Leonardo Assis and Martí Peran Rafart.