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Project that aims to transform data of the engineering universe in innovation and competitiveness indicators in Brazil.

The Innovation and Competitiveness Observatory (NAP-OIC) has been preparing the EngenhariaData, an indicator system engineering, since June 2011. Its first release is now available for public consultation at engenhariadata.oic.nap.usp.br and the Observatory's work continues to improve the content of the website with data and operations.

Logomarca EngenhariaData

This project has won an internal dispute at USP via announcement by external evaluators (some from abroad) in a process coordinated by the Rectory of Research. The EngenhariaData reflects the vocation of the OIC to develop research, studies and analyzes on innovation and knowledge society, contributing to knowledge generation and through it provide a better discussion of public policies and pro-innovation business strategies.

The EngenhariaData is both a component of InovaçãoData, a system of innovation indicators (which are added to the traditional ones offered by Pintec/IBGE) to be further developed by NAP-OIC and a system itself, autonomous, able to provide specific discussion and contribute to the debate on engineering problems and challenges. Taking as inspiration the system of indicators of science and engineering in the United States, published by the National Science Board, an agency of the National Science Foundation, but surpassing it in functionality, it intends to provide, in one place, the main data series on engineering, facilitating consultation and enabling stakeholders to develop their own analyzes. In addition to providing primary data and series of typical indicators that enable international comparisons - such as number of engineers per 10,000 inhabitants or number of engineering graduates to total graduates in higher education per year -, EngenhariaData will provide research and analysis on issues important to the national debate, such as "Is there a lack of engineers in Brazil?", "Will there be enough engineers in the future?", "How many engineers are being formed?" or "What is the relationship between the employment of engineers and the innovation performance of firms?", among others. Thus, it aims to contribute to the discussion of the challenges that emerge in the new cycle of economic development of Brazil, supporting the improvement of public and private policies.

EngenhariaData consists in building a comprehensive and consistent system of indicators and studies to assess the quality, scope and vitality of engineering in Brazil, enabling regional and sectoral analyzes, and international comparisons. To this end, we are working with economic, social, educational, political, and technological indicators that span the chain of engineering such as: a) formal education, basic education to higher education, including postgraduate b) labor market for engineering (employment, salary, career paths and the like), c) research and development; d) publications, e) companies for engineering services.

The first version of EngenhariaData is now available for public consultation. Go to: engenhariadata.oic.nap.usp.br.


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