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Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

by Richard Meckien - published Jul 11, 2018 02:55 PM - - last modified Mar 24, 2021 10:11 AM

Deadline: April 18, 2021

The Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS) is accepting applications for six 4 to 8-month residence fellowship for experienced senior researchers. According to the CALAS research program, applicants are expected to contribute to the development of new methodological and analytic approaches to understand the changes and crises in Latin America. CALAS also accepts applications for two dual research fellowship (up to six months each) inside its program "Transatlantic Tandem," one located at its headquarters in Guadalajara, Mexico, the other one located at its regional office in San José, Costa Rica. Two researchers – one affiliated with a Latin American academic institution and the other one affiliated with a German academic institution will work collaboratively on a particular research topic related to the CALAS overall research approach.

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