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CLOSED - Federal University of Ceará, Brazil

by Richard Meckien - published Jun 27, 2018 10:40 AM - - last modified Apr 19, 2022 10:36 AM

Application period: January 24 (from 8:00 am) to January 28 (until 5:00 pm), 2022 (UTC-3)

The Advanced Studies Institute at the Federal University of Ceará invites applications for both Senior and Young Visiting Professor/Researcher positions for the academic years of 2022/2023 in two entry periods: March and September 2022. Candidates are sought in all areas of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, health sciences, exact sciences, engineering, philosophy, criminology, computer sciences, law, and mathematics.

Applicants should have an interdisciplinary research orientation and will be expected to make contributions about the outcomes of their research projects to leading journals. They should be committed to promoting a sense of belonging and contributing to an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all, as well as be able to work cooperatively with Brazilian scientists on "complex problems" such as crime, violence, discrimination, gender, climate change, biodiversity, poverty, inequality, natural disasters, epidemics, public health, conflict, security, urbanization, democracy, human rights, media and social networks, education, cognitive development, artificial intelligence, data analysis, optimization, game theory, networks, and others.

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