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UBIAS Directors' Conference 2018 - Payment

by Rafael Borsanelli - published Feb 19, 2018 11:30 AM - - last modified Feb 27, 2018 02:31 PM


The IEA-USP is asking for USD 350 (or EUR 300) per participant (not per institution) for helping to cover services of transportation, meals and others. The fee does not cover personal travel and accommodation expenses.

There are two options to choose from. If possible, the Institute would like to indicate the first one, as the second (PayPal) involves higher administrative taxes.

Option 1: Bank Transfer

The foundation which will be in charge of managing the raised funds (FUSP) holds an account in Frankfurt. The information for deposit can be found in the attached file. Receipts should be sent to Luana ( and Patricia (, keeping the address in copy. Please choose a self-explanatory message subject when doing so, such as 'UBIAS Conference - Fee receipt.'

Option 2: PayPal

Should you have any doubts concerning payment or further issues, please do not hesitate in contacting Richard Meckien (