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The Importance of Biodiversity for the Future of Life
Climate Time Scales and Climate Change
Future of Marine-Dependent Societies: Climate Change and Fishing Communities
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Opening Session and Panel 1
The first day of the São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Ocean Interdisciplinary Research and Governance brought together representatives of different ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Book launch: "Brazilian Marine Biodiversity"
Dr. Alexander Turra and Dr. Angelo Bernardino presented the ReBentos (Brazilian Monitoring Network for Coastal Benthic Habitats) and lauched the first volume ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 1.2 - Jake Rice - Challenges in Ocean Science
The discussion on the international ocean agenda continues as Dr. Jake Rice presents a brief history of ocean science, addressing how it has improved and ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 2.1 - Pedro Roberto Jacobi
Dr. Pedro Roberto Jacobi discussed the concept of governance and its applicability to the ocean. After contextualizing the concept, he discussed the challenges ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 2.2 - Pedro Roberto Jacobi
The second part of the class with Dr. Pedro Roberto Jacobi was an open debate about the importance of interdisciplinary research to connect science to the ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 3.2 - Cristiana Simão Seixas
The presentation by Dr. Cristiana Simão Seixas approached the IPBES – Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, giving ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 4.1 - Leandra Gonçalves and Leopoldo Gerhardingher
Dr. Leandra Torres presented the main international ocean-related agreements and discussed the global ocean governance, presenting its main characteristics and ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 4.2 - Leandra Gonçalves and Leopoldo Gerhardingher
Dr. Leopoldo Gerhardinger discussed the science-policy interface and the need for change in their relationship.
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 5.1 - Alan Simcock
The biggest question of all of the classes so far was how to best govern the ocean. In the last classes of the cycle, Mr. Alan Simcock brought up the common ...
Launch of the USP Global Cities Program - July 13, 2016
Issue #86 of the journal 'Estudos Avançados' brings a dossier on metropolises and health
Las Negociaciones Climáticas de París 2015 y el Futuro del Clima Planetario - September 17, 2015
Cycle "Towards COP 21": Climate Change and Food Security - October 14, 2015
UBIAS chooses "Migrations" as the common theme for the member institutes in 2019
Colóquio Internacional Meio Ambiente e Geomática - Abordagens Comparadas França-Brasil
The impact of climate changes in megacities
A Debate on the Contributions the COP 20 May Make to Climate Negotiations
José Luis Lezama Discusses the Outlook for Climate Negotiations
Seminar presents causes, impacts and solutions to climate change
The Challenges to Agriculture from Climate Change
VideoIEA Global Changes and their Impacts on the Expansion of World Democracy
A temática desse encontro analisou de que maneira as mudanças globais impactam sobre o desenvolvimento da democracia no mundo.
VideoIEA Changing Global Environments
Presentation and analysis of the third edition of the World Report on Social Sciences, which seeks to understand the causes and consequences of global ...
VideoIEA Avoiding Dangerous Climate Changes
David King, chief scientific adviser of the British government, was the exhibitor at the conference 'Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change', where he discussed the ...
VideoIEA São Paulo Ocean School - Class 9.2 - Angelo Fraga Bernardino
On the second part of his class, Dr. Bernardino focused on the impact of climate change on ocean biodiversity.
Future of Marine-Dependent Societies: Advanced Science on Climate Change and Oceans
Cycle "Towards COP 21": Energy and Climate Changes - October 8, 2015