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The Space-Time Dimension in Digital Culture
Prejudices and stereotypes impact progression of women in science
Workshop presents new methods that can cure complex diseases
Seminar debates new Brazilian innovation law
Innovation in Brazil now counts with a comprehensive and consensual law
The New Law of Innovation: Expectations, Perspectives and Initiatives - April 4, 2016
Art and hacktivism in debate
The intersections of artistic practices, hacking and economy are the theme of the meeting 'Interrupção em Rede: Repensando Oposições em Arte, Hacktivismo e ...
Tensions between public and private in the digital age
On October 2, at 3 pm, the IEA will promote a debate on the limits of privacy in the context of new information technologies and communication.
Relations between motorization technologies and urban mobility
The topic will be discussed at the meeting that the IEA will promote on November 1, at 11 am, in the Auditorium of the MAC.
The centrality of technology in the contemporary world
Institute for Advanced Study of Technische Universität München invites applications for its prestigious professorship
The vacancies are intended to early career scientists and authors with relevant scientific and technological contributions.
The importance of additive manufacturing in the strategies of companies and countries
Artificial intelligence and new forms of love
Seminar analyzes the National Program for Knowledge Platforms
The Future of Love in the Age of the Technologies of the Future
The impacts of biotechnological advances in the human condition
Colloquium Discusses “Fabrication” in the Context of Contemporary Technology
VideoIEA The Politics of Science and Technology Policy: U.S.-European Comparisons
Professor of science and technology studies at the John F. Kennedy Government School of Harvard University, Sheila Jasanoff has delivered the lecture "The ...
Artificial intelligence and new forms of love - August 11, 2014
IEA hosts a conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning