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IEA Participates in Event on Social Movements in Turkey
Workshop Will Bring Together USP’s Electrochemistry Researchers
Meeting Discusses the Work of Teixeira Coelho, Who Will Receive Title of Professor Emeritus
Philosopher of science Helen Longino will give two conferences at the IEA in October
The Challenges to Agriculture from Climate Change
Bioeconomy will be addressed at the new strategic workshop of the USP's Dean of Research
Sense of humanity and hospitality in a world of wars and hunger
Seminar reflects on a balanced relationship between humans and the environment
Proposals for healthy eating and its implications in the daily routine of schools
3rd Forum AIDS and Brazil will take place on November 9
Political scientists debate their visions of Latin America
In Search of Lost Meaning: The Human Being and Nature - September 3, 2014
Eliana Sousa Silva, director of the Tide Networks, takes on the Olavo Setubal Chair of Art, Culture and Science
Researchers of the Intercontinental Academia detail course on Time
When a day lasted only 4 hours
Research verifies the perception of young people about sustainability components