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SUS (Brazilian public health service) and malnutrition are discussed at the launch of the 78th issue of IEA‘s journal
por Richard Meckien publicado 30/09/2013 última modificação 30/09/2013 17:30 — registrado em: , , ,
Issue 78 of the 'Estudos Avançados' journal was launched in a meeting with exhibitions by Carlos Augusto Monteiro, José Filippi Jr. and Ana Lydia Sawaya.
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Seminar discusses the water footprint as a tool for analyzing the issue of water
por Richard Meckien publicado 11/10/2013 última modificação 14/10/2013 11:12 — registrado em: ,
The event is an initiative of IEA's Environment and Society Research Group and will take place on October 16, at 10 am, in the Auditorium of USP's Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC).
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The ethical implications in the use of electronic medical records
por Richard Meckien publicado 14/10/2013 última modificação 14/10/2013 11:03 — registrado em: ,
On October 16 the IEA will conduct a debate on ethical issues related to access and use of information from electronic medical records at USP.
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The history of Brazil from the perspective of criminal and civil law
por Richard Meckien publicado 22/10/2013 última modificação 07/11/2013 10:56 — registrado em: , , ,
The IEA will hold a debate on October 23 in which the relationship between the Brazilian legal codes and the socio-economic trajectory of the country will be explored.
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Event marks the publishing of 'Prosperity without Growth', by Tim Jackson
por Richard Meckien publicado 24/10/2013 última modificação 01/11/2013 16:51 — registrado em: , , , , ,
'Prosperity without Growth - A good life on a finite planet' will be released on October 30, at 11 am, in a debate with the author.
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Meeting examines the principles of sustainability assessment
por Richard Meckien publicado 24/10/2013 última modificação 01/11/2013 14:50 — registrado em: , ,
Meeting on October 30 will have two researchers from Murdoch University, Australia, as exhibitors: Angus Morrison-Saunders and Jenny Pope. The event will discuss methods for sustainability assessment.
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'Pollinators of Brazil' wins Prêmio Jabuti
por Richard Meckien publicado 04/11/2013 última modificação 04/11/2013 11:15 — registrado em: , ,
Produced by IEA's Ecosystem Services research group, the book was awarded third place in the Natural Sciences category of the award.
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The result of 42 days of occupation
por Richard Meckien publicado 13/11/2013 última modificação 07/03/2017 11:05 — registrado em: , , , , , ,
The scenario found after the reinstatement of the set of buildings that house IEA's dependencies includes vandalism, theft and violations.
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Interview program on quality of democracy debuts on Uversita
por Richard Meckien publicado 02/12/2013 última modificação 25/01/2014 18:07 — registrado em: ,
Directed and presented by José Álvaro Moisés, the first edition of 'A Qualidade da Democracia em Questão' has interviewed the Portuguese political scientist António Costa Pinto.
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Board of the IEA publishes open letter about the depredations of USP’s central administration and the institute premises
por Richard Meckien publicado 04/12/2013 última modificação 09/01/2014 10:58 — registrado em: , , , , ,
Board of the IEA publishes open letter about the invasion and occupation of USP's administrative complex by students in the period from October 1 to November 12, 2013.
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