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Central America launches a new IAS

by Richard Meckien - published Feb 12, 2014 07:15 PM - - last modified Feb 25, 2014 02:40 PM

2º Workshop Hasta la Creación del Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IAS) de la Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR)From February 10 to 13, the IEA-USP participated in the workshop “Hasta la Creación del Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (IAS) de la Universidad de Costa Rica", which took place at the UCR. This has been the second meeting organized by the university in order to reflect on the templates to what will be the first institute for advanced studies in Central America. Currently, this kind of institution exists only in Brazil.

From the discussions of the first workshop, held from August 12 to 14, 2013, with the theme “Hacia una Investigación Interdisciplinaria Avanzada en la Universidad de Costa Rica”, it was decided that the IAS at UCR will be inspired by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF, its acronym in German), from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, whose proposal has been presented in this second edition of the meeting by Britta Padberg, executive secretary of the ZiF.

Besides Padberg, IEA-USP's director, Martin Grossmann, and other representatives of prestigious IASs have shared their expertise to help with the formatting template of the institute to be established. In these discussions, IEA-USP's Institutional project (2012 - 2017) has been taken as one of the main reference documents.

As part of the activities of the second workshop, Grossmann has made an open presentation on "An Institute for Advanced Study as seed for the scientific and cultural development of a country."

The participation of IEA-USP’s director at the meeting has been organized by Alice Perez, provost of research at UCR, Bernal Herrera Montero, provost of faculty at UCR, José Gracia-Bondia, honorary professor at UCR and Humboldt Scholar in 2014, and Werner Mackenbach, also Humboldt Scholar.

Photos of the event


After the workshop at UCR, Grossmann has travelled to Mexico City, where he had two appointments on February 17 and 18: to give the conference “Arte y Espacio Público: Tensiones e Insertos” to graduate students in Sociology and Urban Studies at the Colegio de Mexico, and to attend a meeting to discuss the future of the agreement between USP and the Colegio de Mexico, as well as the completion of the second seminar of the Mexico City-São Paulo Comparative Project, whose inaugural edition was held at the IEA-USP, on August 20 and 21, 2012.

Then the director returned to San José, Costa Rica, where he gave the conference “Museo Ahora: Reconfiguraciones del Museo de Arte, Contextos locales y Esfera Pública”, held on February 19 at Fundación TEOR/éTica.

Programme - "Towards the creation of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Costa Rica "
Monday, February 10
4pm "The needs and constraints of the University of Costa Rica facing the creation of an Institute for Advanced Studies",  Alice L. Perez, UCR.
Tuesday, February 11
9am "An Institute for Advanced Study as seed for the scientific and cultural development of a country", Martin Grossmann, IEA-USP, Brazil.
10.30am "Incubators for new Ideas - Benefits and challenges of university-based institutes for advanced study (UBIAS)", Britta Padberg, ZiF, Bielefeld University, Germany.
2-5pm Workshop
Wednesday, February 12
9am "How an interdisciplinary research center works. The Mexican experience", Patricia Castañeda, CIIEH, National Autonomous University of Mexico.
10am "Interdisciplinary and transnational studies. Personal experiences and transatlantic dialogues", Héctor Pérez, Professor Humboldt 2007, UCR.
11am "The true and tested method to evaluate projects and proposals", Juan M.Rojo, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.
2-5pm Workshop
Thursday, February 13
9am-12pm Workshop
2-5pm Final analysis and recommendations