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USP professors can now apply for a sabbatical year at the IEA

by Richard Meckien - published Sep 08, 2015 03:05 PM - - last modified Feb 03, 2017 02:47 PM
Rights: Original version in Portuguese by Mauro Bellesa

Measure enables full participation in projects of the Institute

By instituting the Sabbatical Year Program at the IEA, USP's president justified the measure with the "need for a suitable environment for reflection and release of the professors from their teaching and administrative burdens to fully participate in projects" of the Institute.

Zago also highlights the specificity of the IEA, "which aims to research and discuss, in a comprehensive manner, fundamental questions of science, technology, arts, culture and other areas of knowledge, stimulating the generation of new ideas, contributing to the analysis of social issues and formulating public policies in order to integrate scientists and intellectuals in interdisciplinary projects."

In an unprecedented initiative for USP and the Brazilian academia, president Marco Antonio Zago approved a resolution on June 19 establishing the Sabbatical Year Program at the IEA, an old aspiration of the Institute.

From 2016, the IEA will annually host six University professors on sabbatical for the development of individual research project.

The program has the support of the Dean of Research, which will offer up to R$ 12,000 for each approved project.

To apply for one of the six vacancies, the candidates need to have at least seven years of effective exercise of their functions in full devotion to teaching and research (RDIDP), and submit a CV and a research project to be developed. The project should include the objectives, the justification and the work plan for the desired sabbatical (six or twelve months). The open call for projects to be conducted in 2016 runs from September 9 to November 6, 2015.

Applicants should submit projects related to and / or referenced by the four meta-curatorships (Commons, Transformation, Glocal and Abstraction) that were established in 2012 by the Institutional Project. They must also show proof that their participation in the program has been approved by the department council - or equivalent - and by the congregation or their unit or organ of origin.

The Institute's Board will be in charge of selecting the participants of the programafter consulting the Institute Research Committee.

The selected professors will conduct research at the IEA only, getting relieved of their activities, including teaching, at the unit or organ to which they are linked. Every professor in the exercise of a sabbatical year will have the following duties: to conduct at least one public lecture per semester and to produce a new and original paper or other outcome (book or work of art, for example). In the case of producing a paper, this will be published in the journal "Estudos Avançados" and / or the IEA website.