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Study of Behavior - Organization, Methods and Principles

por Letícia Martins Tanaka - publicado 22/06/2021 15:15 - última modificação 06/05/2022 10:52

Capa do livro "Study of Behavior"Jerry Hogan

Cambridge University Press, 2017
383 pages


The book presents a common foundation for understanding the study of behavior, built by integrating ideas and findings from diverse disciplines such as ethology, psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology. The work describes the origin and development of the main theories and questions in the area, through examples that highlight the connections between the fields of study. Demonstrating how research results from one of these subfields can complement studies in others, the book proposes concepts to facilitate new discussions that open avenues to encourage dialogue between behavioral studies. It is the result of research carried out by Jerry Hogan as a visiting professor at the IEA.