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In search of sustainable agriculture
VideoIEA Can we Achieve Sustainable Agriculture?
In this presentation, Leslie Firbank evaluated whether agriculture has been adopting techniques that prioritize the quality of the land by maintaining the ...
Can we Achieve Sustainable Agriculture? - September 5, 2016
The science of food due to new challenges
2019 Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Probability Theory: Philosophy, Physics, and Mathematics at Crossroads
Meeting discusses the ‘culture’ of other primates
The third meeting of the 'Conference Cycle on Humans and Animals: The Limits of Mankind' takes place on May 22 at 9.30 am at IEA’s Event Room.
Theoretical frameworks of differentiation between humans and animals
The fourth meeting of the 'Conference Cycle on Humans and Animals: The Limits of Mankind' will bring together three researchers to discuss comparisons between ...
Otávio Bueno contrasts the concept of style in art and science
Professor of philosophy at the University of Miami, he will give a conference on October 17, at 14 am, in the Auditorium of USP’s Museum of Contemporary Art ...
Feminist philosophy of science according to Alison Wylie
The philosopher will address the issue in two meetings on October 14 and 15, both at 9.30am, in Auditorium 2 of USP's Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and ...
The concepts of risk and uncertainty in perspective
Risk and uncertainty in the context of scientific expertise
An interdisciplinary look at the drought in São Paulo
Hugh Lacey’s Model to Analyze the Relationship between Values and Scientific Endeavor
Conference compares scientific and mathematical practices
Professor of philosophy at the University of Miami, Otávio Bueno will give a conference on May 26, at 2 pm, in IEA-USP's Event Room.
Exploring animal subjectivity
“Estudos Avançados” and “Scientiae Studia” journals will be at USP's 16th Book Festival
New issue of "Estudos Avançados" discusses the relations between society and environment, and between science and values
'Estudos Avançados' Journal Discusses the Identity of Brazilian Archeology
Seminar Discusses Education for Agroecology in Various Sectors
Philosopher of science Helen Longino will give two conferences at the IEA in October
Scientiae Studia new issue is out
Diagnosis of the sustainability of agro-ecosystems
VideoIEA Feminist Research from the Standpoint Theory Perspective
Philosopher Alison Wylie gave the conference 'Feminist Research from the Standpoint Theory Perspective', in which she has analyzed gender research in ...
VideoIEA Talk with Alison Wylie
An informative talk with Alison Wylie essentially tried to discuss her work and philosophical ideas. Wylie focuses her research on philosophy of social and ...
VideoIEA Dis-Enchantment and Interpenetration: Modernity, Postmodernity and Forms of Reflexivity
From the interpretation of postmodernity as a second episode of "disenchantment" (the first being the collapse of religious faith and traditional community, ...
VideoIEA The Politics of Science and Technology Policy: U.S.-European Comparisons
Professor of science and technology studies at the John F. Kennedy Government School of Harvard University, Sheila Jasanoff has delivered the lecture "The ...
Summer 2013/2014 and Scenarios of Water Stress - March 19, 2014
Feminist Standpoint Theory and Formation of Gender Archaeology: What Knowers Know Well - October 14, 2013
Conversation with Alison Wylie - October 15 2013