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Director of Pinacoteca presents his plans for the museum
por Richard Meckien publicado 21/07/2017 última modificação 03/08/2017 15:05 — registrado em: , , ,
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Catalan artist reflects on the relations of academia with higher education
por Richard Meckien publicado 03/08/2017 última modificação 04/06/2019 10:56 — registrado em: , , , ,
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VideoIEA Good Practices, Trends, and Fire Fighting Technology for Cultural Heritage
por Richard Meckien publicado 26/07/2019 última modificação 19/09/2019 09:21 — registrado em:
This meeting with Christopher Marrion and Renata Motta is part of a series of events on conservation and restoration held at USP's Institute of Advanced Studies in partnership with ICOM Brasil, the Consulate General of the United States in São Paulo, and IEA's research group Fórum Permanente: Cultural System Between Public and Private.
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VideoIEA Decolonising Museums and Exhibitions on the Indigenous Ainu in Japan
por Richard Meckien publicado 05/06/2023 última modificação 05/06/2023 11:45 — registrado em: ,
Japanese sociologist Mariko Murata was at the IEA to talk about the practice of decolonizing Japanese museums, taking as a reference the effort undertaken by the Ainu Upopoy Museum and National Park, inaugurated in 2020, the first of a national nature dedicated to the ethnic group, and the controversies raised by the procedures adopted by the museum. First occupants of northern Japan, the Ainus were colonized and marginalized by the Japanese for centuries, even being exhibited and subjected to otherness in exhibitions and museum displays, according to Murata. In parallel to this, she says, the Ainu ethnic movement created some collections and instituted guides/hosts to organize ethnic tourism in their villages. Ilana Goldstein (Unifesp) acted as the mediator, while Michiko Okano (Unifesp), Sandra Mara Salles (Afro Brazil Museum), Susilene Elias de Melo (Worikg Museum), and Suzenalson da Silva Santos (Museum Kanindé) participated as debaters.
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Roger Buergel proposes unclassified museums in a conference at the IEA
por Richard Meckien publicado 31/01/2017 última modificação 04/06/2019 11:27 — registrado em: , , ,
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Seminar analyzes the cultural and social impacts of games
por Richard Meckien publicado 06/02/2017 última modificação 07/02/2017 15:21 — registrado em: ,
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IEA and ZiF promote the exhibition "Grace at the boundary of knowledge" at the MariAntonia Center
por Richard Meckien publicado 06/07/2022 última modificação 11/08/2022 14:13 — registrado em: , , ,
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VideoIEA Antoni Muntadas: About Academia I-II, an Online Interpretation, 2011-2017 (2021): University and Context
por Sergio R V Bernardo publicado 03/06/2021 — registrado em:
About Academia provokes a reflection through art about the American academic and university system, more specifically about the public/private duality, as well as the complex relationships that exist between the production of knowledge and the economic interests that influence education in its different forms of pedagogy. Muntadas' video installation considers the possible conflict between a faculty (and its values) and an administration (and its power). In order to have a fruitful circulation of the project in universities outside the US, Muntadas proposes round table discussions that contextualize the conflicts and difficulties peculiar to the university system that hosts it, confronting it with other models in different contexts and cultures.
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Antoni Muntadas: About Academia I-II, an Online Interpretation, 2011-2017 (2021)
por Richard Meckien publicado 29/04/2021 última modificação 17/06/2021 11:35 — registrado em: , , , , ,
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Researcher shows the power of games and virtuality in science and museums
por Richard Meckien publicado 30/01/2017 última modificação 04/06/2019 11:27 — registrado em: , , , ,
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