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Meeting examines the principles of sustainability assessment

by Richard Meckien - published Oct 24, 2013 11:55 PM - - last modified Nov 01, 2013 02:50 PM

Meeting on October 30 will have two researchers from Murdoch University, Australia, as exhibitors: Angus Morrison-Saunders and Jenny Pope. The event will discuss methods for sustainability assessment.

Meeting examines the principles of sustainability assessment

The mantra of sustainable development is well established in world politics, but there are still uncertainties as to its practical definition according to the organizers of the meeting ‘State-of-the-Art Sustainability Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities’, to be held on October 30, at 3 pm, in the Auditorium of USP’s Institute of Oceanography (IO).

The meeting will explore some of the principles of sustainability assessment, with emphasis on the challenges and opportunities that arise for regulators, entrepreneurs and civil society regarding the effective application of the principles of sustainable development. The exhibitors will be Angus Morrison-Saunders and Jenny Pope, both from Murdoch University, Australia. Luis Enrique Sanchez , from USP’s Polytechnic School (POLI), will be the commentator. Coordination will be in charge of Pedro Jacobi, coordinator of IEA’s Environment and Society Research Group.

According to the researchers, the evaluation of sustainability - defined as a process to guide decision-making for sustainability - presents a way to understand the characteristics of sustainability of new development proposals: ‘Although there is no legislation, there is a significant assimilation of the sustainability context globally and especially in the development sector, as are mining and resource development’.

Open to the public, the meeting will be broadcast live at

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