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The IEA-USP is a member of the international network Ubias (University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study) and of a network of Brazilian institutes of advanced studies.
UBIAS Network
UBIAS stands for “University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study”. Unlike traditional Institutes for Advanced Study, UBIAS are associated with or embedded within a university, and actively contribute to the academic culture and the scientific achievements of their home university. By offering various fellowship programmes on different academic levels (junior and senior researchers), UBIAS institutes bring together outstanding researchers from different disciplines, nationalities and academic backgrounds, creating a productive environment for innovative research. These common characteristics have proved to be a fruitful basis for mutual exchange, although the individual institutes display a large variety of different concepts and academic pursuits. With their individual profiles, they answer to the specific needs and strengths of their affiliate university. While many institutes have traditionally concentrated on humanities and social sciences, an increasing number of institutes now incorporate theoretical and experimental sciences.
Brazilian Forum of Institutes for Advanced Study
Five institutions of Brazilian universities are characterized as institutes of advanced studies. In 2011, their directors attended the 1st Workshop 'Advanced Studies and the University', held by the IEA-USP. The second meeting took place at ILEA-UFRGS in 2013.
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