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Visiting professors

by Richard Meckien - published Apr 10, 2013 05:15 PM - - last modified Oct 28, 2015 05:06 PM

Mapa mundi

Foreigners interested in integrating IEA temporarily need to follow a specific regulation. Besides submitting to the standards of the Scholarship Program for International Visiting Professors, defined by Resolution No. 5.910/2011 of the Dean of USP, the applicant must submit an interdisciplinary research project.

Proposals should include bold contributions in the fields of science, culture and society, and contain a plan of activities to be developed, preferably together with the research groups of the institute.

It is hoped that stakeholders are researchers of recognized merit, with potential to develop various academic activities at IEA and USP. At the end of their contract they should submit a report of the undertaken activities and the obtained results.