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Presentation of the Pre-Feasibility Study for the Amazon Institute of Technology

by Richard Meckien - published Jul 30, 2018 03:50 PM - - last modified Jun 15, 2023 12:36 PM

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de Jul 13, 2022 - 09:30 AM
a Jul 13, 2022 - 12:30 PM

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The Amazon River as an artery of knowledge

The Pan-Amazon today has an estimated population of 50 million people, the result of a threefold growth in the last 40 years. Despite the unparalleled abundance of natural resources, which has been forming for over 65 million years, the people who live in the Amazon still have precarious living conditions.

To date, national and international environmental laws and conservation efforts have failed to reverse deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazon. The revolutionary and unprecedented vision that AmIT proposes is urgent and necessary. The challenge lies in social empowerment, with the maintenance of forests and rivers, with restoration and rational use of deforested areas, to devise new strategies for social inclusion, education, health, personnel training, and income generation.

AmIT's mission is to contribute to the socio-economic development and improvement of the quality of life of the Amazonian population, in synergy with the conservation and valorization of the forest and rivers, by transforming scientific and traditional knowledge into technological innovation at the service of the Amazon and the world. Operations will be carried out through a unique and unprecedented system in the Amazon: The Amazon River and its tributaries in a context of accessibility, mobility, flexibility and connectivity. AmIT will operate in a constant exchange of local knowledge and innovative technological solutions for the main problems faced by Amazonian society. The fundamental purposes will be the strengthening of value chains in each micro-region, forest and river conservation, social inclusion, and quality of life. The AmIT contemplates the creation of five Development and Study Centers dedicated to priority issues for the Amazon, particularly neglected ones, through an innovative and integrative perspective, thus differentiating themselves from traditional research institutions. The Centers should work together and transversally with the nine components of the Institute, including its priorities.

The AmIT will be a public-private institution of Pan- Amazonia that will include representatives of governments, intergovernmental institutions, universities, research institutes, businesses, other private sector organizations, and civil society. Together, they will form the Governing Council of the Institute.


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Carlos Nobre (IEA), Maritta Koch-Weser (IEA), and Adalberto Luis Val (National Institute of Amazonian Research - INPA)


Research Group Amazon Transformation: History and Perspectives (IEA)


Arapyaú Institute


9:30 am


Paulo Nussenzveig (Provost for Research and Innovation at USP), Guilherme Ary Plonski (IEA), and Renata Piazzon (Arapyaú Foundation)

9:45 am

Context of the project: Amazonia Third Way-Amazonia 4.0 Program
Carlos Nobre (IEA) and Maritta Koch-Weser (IEA)

10:00 am

Presentation of the Pre-Feasibility Study for the Amazon Institute of Technology
Adalberto Luis Val (INPA)

11:00 am

Round table with key actors

11:45 am

Round of comments from the audience

12:00 pm