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Canevacci issues a letter to students who occupied USP's Central Administration building

by Richard Meckien - published Nov 22, 2013 10:50 AM - - last modified Apr 15, 2014 05:26 PM

Impressed by the destruction caused by the students during the occupation of USP's Central Administration building and particularly by the content of the inscriptions left by them on the walls, anthropologist Massimo Canevacci, visiting professor at the IEA, issued the following letter.

Massimo Canevacci"Dear students who occupied USP's Central Administration building,

It was a huge pain to see what happened in the "interieur" (French term for "inside", used here in reference to the thought of Walter Benjamin). You have turned a fair idea - the end of the authoritarian system of choice for President - in self-referential closure, inability to develop a communication policy that is appropriate to digital culture, inscriptions with a high level of sexual repression, explicit death instinct, fighting method unlinked to political purpose and territorial conservatism without understanding of what "res publica" means. What about now? Why do you not accept that politics need to try other movements? That every fight anticipates the future-present in the process and does not destroy hope or divergence? The problem is not to defend what has happened. On the contrary: it is to finally do a review on everything that has happened in order to avoid it to happen again, and then to imagine an open movement which rejects deadly violence, self-seclusion, and sexism. The form of continuous occupation is past. A communication policy for a movement is "dis-occupant" and wants to "de- occupy" every sex-political repression and each dichotomy. Now is the time of exact imagination, as Adorno would say."