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New issue of 'Estudos Avançados' analyzes the Brazilian labour market
100 years of the Russian Revolution is the theme of 'Estudos Avançados' #91
Social narratives about water, citizenship and public policies
Memória, Democracia e Resistência: Reflexões sobre o Nazifascismo na Alemanha
Documentary remembers stories of human rights’ achievements in São Paulo
The contact with the other: reflections on identities and interculturality
A video to amplify the voice of the cultural collectives in São Paulo
Transcendence and the incorporation of time by art
"Estudos Avançados" #99 presents dossier on the COVID-19 pandemic
Paulo Herkenhoff and Helena Nader are the new holders of the Olavo Setubal Chair
File Apresentação Bororo - Kleber Meritororeu
Apresentação de Kleber Meritororeu no seminário "Cosmologia Bororo: A Cultura Indígena entre Tradição e Mudança" (8 de abril de 2015).
Eliana Sousa Silva taking over the Olavo Setubal Chair of Art, Culture and Science - March 27, 2018
Ricardo Ohtake takes office as new holder of the Olavo Setubal Chair of Arts, Culture and Science - March 17, 2017
Sergio Rouanet inaugurates the Olavo Setubal Chair of Arts, Culture and Science
Science and the meaning of life in a time of disenchantment
USP's first chair to think art and culture
Modernity and its Ambivalences - Opening of the Olavo Setubal Chair of Arts, Culture and Science - May 17, 2016
New scientific field analyzes cultural transmission from an evolutionary point of view
The perspectives of culture according to Ricardo Ohtake
"Estudos Avançados" #93 reflects on the teaching of humanities
Roger Buergel proposes unclassified museums in a conference at the IEA
How we began to count years months days and hours
The time of consciousness and nonconsciousness
Sérgio Rouanet addresses modernity at the opening of the Olavo Setubal Chair
"Estudos Avançados" #98 analyzes labor precariousness and transformations
Director of the IEA presents critical guide on museums at conferences in Europe
German researchers talk about communicative and cultural memories
Jan Assmann and Aleida Assmann, both professors at the University of Konstanz, Germany, will be the exhibitors of the international seminar Communicative and ...
Art and hacktivism in debate
The intersections of artistic practices, hacking and economy are the theme of the meeting 'Interrupção em Rede: Repensando Oposições em Arte, Hacktivismo e ...
Seminar moots the critical and empirical approach of digital culture
The possibilities of cross between critical theory and empirical research in the study of digital culture will be addressed at the seminar 'teoria crítica, ...
The cultural exchange between Brazil and France over the centuries
IEA's Brazil-France Research Group will launch the book 'Cinco Séculos de Presença Francesa no Brasil: Invasões, Missões, Irrupções' (Five Centuries of French ...